The Hazard Exercise

I used to teach these at BIT and my students got a lot out of them. One day a student came in with some pain in his lefthand and said “Steve, these exercises are HAZARDOUS to my health.”

Please practice these slowly and make sure you leave the “used” finger down and keep it down until you shift. If this doesn’t cause you any uncomfort (especially as you work your way up the neck) you are not doing them right. It usually takes a while to get them comfortably under your fingers.

After you have mastered the first one, then, and only then, should you progress to the variations.





These hazards, like the others, should be practiced slowly until under complete control. THE MOST IMPORTANT and the most beneficial concept hidden in these hazards is keeping the fingers you’ve used stationary!!



Your shift is extremely critical. Make it smooth and silent. These are really DIFFICULT. The substitute bars below make them a little easier. Insert them at the “circled star”.